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Address: Gandhi Ashram Wardha-442001


About Wardha

Wardha in Maharashtra state is associated with Mahatma Gandhi. The place derives its name from the Wardha River that flows through it. The town was founded in the year1866 and is a very popular historic tourist destination in Maharashtra. Sevagram is an Ashram founded by Mahatma Gandhi. People from all over the world come here to visit the place. Gandhiji lived in this ashram for over 14 years. It is from this Ashram that the freedom movement started. The Ashram premises have Adi Niwas, BaKuti, Akhari Niwas, Kishor Kuti, Mahadeo Kuti, and other historical places. Many things used by Mahatma Gandhi are on display here. You can find Gandhiji's spinning wheels, spectacles, and other personal things of the Mahatma on display here. There is a very interesting exhibition of rare photos depicting Gandhiji's life. Fuji Guruji came to Wardha from Japan and met Mahatma Gandhi in 1935. He wished to set up a Stupa where the Buddhists can offer prayers. Gandhiji agreed to this proposal and eight Shanti Stupas were built at different places in India. One of them is at Wardha.

The stupas in Wardha describe the history and life of Lord Gautam Buddha. Gitai Mandir is another popular place in Wardha. Gitai Mandir is the place where Acharya Vinobha Bhaves Gitai became perpetual. Acharya Ji translated the Bhagwat. Gita into Gitaiso that it is easily understood. For this reason, a number of polished stones were brought from different places and arranged vertically. These stones were arranged to form a cow and 18 shlokas of the Gita are engraved on it. This temple is unusual as it has no ceilings and no walls. There is a permanent exhibition arranged in Shanti Kuti in memory of Mahatma Gandhi and Jamnalal Bajaj.

Accommodation in Wardha

There are not many hotels in Wardha. There are some budget hotels in Wardha. They provide you with accommodation in Wardha. There are also some guesthouses in Wardha. They give you value or money. They come under the cheap hotels or economy hotels in Wardha. There are many Ashrams and Dormitories in Wardha. You can stay there and experience a different stay. This Yatri Niwas in the Ashrams gives you a look into Gandhiji's life of Simple Living and High Thinking. You can get accommodation in any of the Ashrams at Wardha or Pawnar and stay there. You will have to get up early in the morning and perform morning prayers, indulge in some studies, and do some community work like farm work, gardening, Helping in the kitchen, etc. this will give you internal peace and help your soul to rejuvenate. If you want to stay comfortably, though there are no Luxury hotels and Resorts in Wardha, you can stay at one in Nagpur. It is just 77 km away and you can do a day trip from Nagpur.

What to do in Wardha

Important tourist places in and around Wardha are as below 1) Mahatma Gandhi Ashram-Wardha 2) Gitai Mandir - Wardha 30 Sudampuri -Wardha 3) Aevagram Ashram-Wardha 4) Mahakali Temple 5) Parandham Ashram 6) Malhari Martand 7) Bor Wildlife Sanctuary 8) Sheik Fard Baba Dargah 9) Gandhi Gyan Mandir 10 ) Murlidhar Temple.

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