This is 10 km (6.2 mi) far from Mumbai coastline from The Gateway of India Mumbai Harbour, it’s an island in Arabian Sea.  A typical (not Luxury) common boat / the catamaran runs between Apollo Bunder (The Gateway of India Mumbai Harbour ) and Elephanta Island. Earlier this island was called ‘Gharapuri’ and was a Hindu place of worship until Portuguese rule began in 1534. The Portuguese called the island ‘Elephanta’ on seeing its huge gigantic statue of an Elephant head at the entrance. That Statue is now in famous Museum ‘The Prince of Wales Museum’ in Mumbai. This is one of the best monuments of Buddhism and Hindus Religions Gods. Here are complex of sculpted caves which consist of two groups of caves—the 1st  is a group of 5 Hindu’s cave’s -  The Hindu caves contain rock cut stone sculptures, representing The Lord Shaiva Hindu.

And the 2nd is a smaller group of 2 Buddhist caves. The rock-cut architecture has been dated to between the 5th and 8th centuries, although the identity of the original builders is still unknown and a search is still on. The caves are made from solid single rock. All the caves were also originally painted, but presently only outlines remain. This cave was renovated in the 1970s after years of neglect, and was designated under ‘UNESCO’ - The World Heritage Site in 1987 to preserve the artwork. It is currently maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)Here we are showing you the layout of the Elephanta Cave Layout of Temples and caves with caves Numbers.
The Main Hall
1. Ravana lifting Kailash,   2. Shiva-Parvati on Kailash    3. Ardhanarishvara,   4. Trimurti,    5. Gangadhara 6. Wedding of Shiva,7. Shiva slaying Andhaka  8. Nataraja,9. Yogishvara  16. Linga
East Wing Shrine
10. Kartikeya,11. Matrikas,12. Ganesha  13. Dvarapala
West Wing Shrine
14. Yogishvara   15. Nataraja

Package Cost-: On Request

Monument entrances fees applicable in Mumbai for foreign nationals are as below:
Per Person Rs. 230/- (Approximate) for Common Boat Ride charges to & from the Elephanta Island 
Per Person Rs. 565/- (Approximate) for entrance to the Elephanta Island

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