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A entry to resort building facilities with trees surrounded by building.
Entry point to building with one white color pole erected for flag hosting, at the entrance trees on both side of road.
A bed room with blue color bed sheet and white color pillows,side table.AC and small window covered by curtain.


24 Hrs Booking Available-  Mobile- 9892112411 / Email-

Address-: Near Ghat Shil Temple

MTDC Tuljapur is located near the famous Tuljabhavani Temple, offering spacious and beautiful surroundings. Gagangiri tours and Travels offer 24 hour booking services at government fixed tariff, allowing for convenient and affordable accommodation.

Welcome to Tuljapur

Tuljapur is a Taluka place that comes under the Sholapur district of Maharashtra and is well known for its historical significance. Located at the foothills of the Balaghat mountains, it is the home to the renowned Kulswamini Tuljabhavani Temple. This temple was the family deity of the Bhosale clan to which Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj belonged. Goddess Bhavani is the family deity of many Maharashtrian families and is considered to be one of the most powerful goddesses in the state. We invite you to explore Tuljapur and learn more about its rich culture and history.Tuljapur is an important pilgrimage destination in M  aharashtra, and it is well connected to the rest of the state and country. Tuljapur is connected to Solapur, Osmanabad, Latur and various other cities via road. There are frequent buses from Solapur, which is situated 45 km away and also from Osmanabad which is 25 km away from Tuljapur. The nearest railway stations are Solapur (45 km) and Osmanabad (25 km). MSRTC provides AC Shivshai bus service on Nashik, Pune, Kolhapur, etc. Tuljapur also has frequent buses from Latur, which is situated 71 km away. from Tuljapur. Important pilgrimage centers nearby are Pandharpur and Akkalkot. Maharashtra Tours to Gangapur, Akkalkot, and Pandharpur can be arranged along with Tuljapur. 

How to Travel Tuljapur

Getting There: Osmanabad - 19 km   Solapur - 40 km   Mumbai - 452 km

Nearest Railway Station - Solapur   Nearest Airport - Aurangabad 257kms

MTDC Tuljapur Room Details

Non AC Standard Room      AC Standard Room

Group Accommodation 5 Bedded, Group Accommodation 8 Bedded

Check in 10:00 am - Check out 10:00 am

MTDC Tuljapur Facilities

MTDC Tuljapur offers a range of resort facilities to ensure guests have a comfortable stay. The facilities include CCTV for security, a restaurant that serves delicious and freshly-prepared meals, and geysers/water heaters in all the rooms.

What to do in Tuljapur

In proper Tuljapur city, Tuljabhavani Temple is the main attraction for tourists. Tuljapur  offers the perfect solution for tourists who are looking to explore the religious sites near Tuljapur. We provide reliable transport services that enable customers to visit all these important sites conveniently and comfortably. Our well-maintained fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers ensure a safe, comfortable and hassle-free journey. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to explore the religious sites near Tuljapur,

Near Tuljapur important religious places like Pandharpur is 74 km, Sholapur is 45 km, Akkalkott is 80km, and Gangapur is 149 km. Tourists coming from Mumba,Pune,Kolhapur or other cities of Maharashtra generally prefer to visit all these places since their close proximity to each other. 


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