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Address-: Near Ghat Shil Temple

Welcome to Tuljapur

Tuljapur is a Taluka place that comes under the Sholapur district of Maharashtra. Tuljapur is the place of Kulswamini Tuljabhavani Temple. Tuljabhavani was the Family diety of the Bhosale clan to which Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj belongs. Goddess Bhavani is the family deity of Many Maharashtrian families hence daily lakhs of People are visiting Tuljapur to take the Darshan of Goddess Tuljabhavani. Noble-minded priests from well-known Maratha Castes are priests of Tuljabhavani Temple.

Tuljapur has frequent buses from Solapur which is situated 45 km away and also from Osmanabad which is 25 km away from Tuljapur. The nearest railway stations are in Solapur (45 km) and Osmanabad (25 km). also many commercial vehicles are available to Hindu devotees who generally come during Navratri week. MSRTC provides ac shivshai bus service on Nashik, Pune, Kolhapur, etc Tuljapur has frequent buses from Latur which is situated 71 km away, and also from Pune which is 297 km away from Tuljapur. Frequent buses from Parbhani which is situated 228 km away and also from Nanded which is 206 km away from Tuljapur. Important pilgrimage centers nearby are Pandharpur and Akkalkot.

MTDC Tuljapur Accommodation

Getting There: Osmanabad - 19 km   Solapur - 40 km   Mumbai - 452 km

Nearest Railway Station - Solapur   Nearest Airport - Aurangabad 257kms

MTDC Tuljapur Room Details

Non AC Standard Room      AC Standard Room

Group Accommodation 5 Bedded, Group Accommodation 8 Bedded


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                                Room Type                                  Tariff                        Extra. Person


                       Standard Room A.C.                           1000.00                         300.00


                      Standard Room Non-A.C                     700.00                            200.00


                       Dormitory AC (5 Bedded)                    1700.00                          300.00


                      Dormitory Non-AC (8 Bedded)             1400.00                          200.00

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