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Deluxe category beautiful room with bed for two person having Ac .sliding lobby gate,sofaset and cntral table.
Entry gate of resort building surrounded by trees.
A dormetory accomodation with four beds and wooden wardrob.


24 Hrs Booking Available- Mobile-9892112411 / Email

(Authorized Booking Agency-

     MTDC Tadoba Resort is located in the stunning Tadoba National Park, offering beautiful natural surroundings and an abundance of wild life. All necessary facilities for a comfortable stay are available, and Gagangiri Tours and Travels provides 24-hour booking services at government fixed tariffs, with no extra cost. Make your visit to Tadoba National Park unforgettable with a stay at MTDC Tadoba Resort.If you like to have the excitement and adventure to spend a night in a Jungle then your dream can come to reality at MTDC Tadoba. Tadoba is Maharashtra's most popular Tiger reserve.MTDC Tadoba is located at the Moharli Gate.MTDC Resorts offer spacious rooms having balconies so that one can have a clear view of the beautiful surrounding jungle.    The animals that can be sighted throughout the year include Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Gaur(bison), Hyenas, etc. In addition to that guests can spot a variety of birds, reptiles, and butterflies as well.


MTDC Tadoba is a picturesque resort located in the heart of one of India's most beautiful wildlife sanctuaries. Surrounded by lush greenery, the resort offers stunning views of the natural beauty of Tadoba National Park. Guests can enjoy outdoor activities such as bird watching, nature walks, and spotting of wild animals. A small water body nearby adds to the ambiance of the resort. The stunning property also has a huge seating area which overlooks the forest and the surrounding of the property which gives you the experience of living in the middle of a forest. The resort has spacious rooms ranging from VIP suites to group accommodations, providing all the amenities to make your stay comfortable.

Check in 1:30 pm - Check out 12:00 pm


At MTDC Tadoba Resort, we strive to provide a unique and memorable experience for all our guests. Our resort facilities include a spacious parking lot, an on-property restaurant that serves delicious cuisine, CCTV for added security, a children’s play area, a conference hall, and newspapers and magazines available in the lounge. We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable stay for all our guests.

Know It

The park is shut on Tuesday Tadoba is part of Chandrapur district having an Alcohol ban meaning Alcohol is neither sold nor served at the hotel or elsewhere in Tadoba

Nearest Town / Railway Station :

Chandrapur - 45 km (28 miles)

Airport :

Nagpur 205 km ( 127.4 miles) via Chandrapur

By Road :

Entry into the park is from Moharli (Khatoda gate) and Chimur. State transport buses are available from Chandrapur. Taxis/ Jeeps are also available at Nagpur and Chandrapur. Tadoba is visited as an ex-Nagpur wildlife getaway and as a part of the extended wildlife itinerary of Madhya Pradesh.

What to do in Tadoba

Gagangiri-Tadoba  is an adventure-tourism venture that specializes in providing exciting activities within Tadoba, one of the most popular tiger reserves in India. Our activities include wildlife jungle safaris, boat rides in Irai Lake, bird watching, night jungle safaris, simple loghut stays, butterfly gardens, visits to Ramdegi Temple, and more. With our experienced tour guides and customized tour packages, we make sure you have the best time in Tadoba and create lasting memories.. 


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