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Address- Tuli Suites near Sakoli lake Nagzira, Sakoli, Maharashtra 441802

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is locked in the arms of nature and adorned with a picturesque landscape, and luxuriant vegetation and serves as a living outdoor museum to explore and appreciate nature. Nagzira wildlife sanctuary is located between the Bhandara district and the Gonidia district of Maharashtra. This sanctuary has a number of fish, 34 species of mammals, 166 species of birds, 36 species of reptiles, and four species of amphibians. Nearly 30,000 tourists visit this sanctuary annually. There is a temple of 'Nag' (Snake) which is exactly in the middle of Nagzira and a temple of Mahadeo. There was also a village inside the forest called 'Nangthana' that adds up to the name of the forest. Nagzira got its name from this temple and 'Zira' (Zara) in Marathi means a perennial source of water that comes out from a  hill in ponge Zara, Nagzira The Nagzira wildlife sanctuary is a miraculously preserved “Green Oasis” in the easternmost part of the Country. Maharashtra Tours about wildlife tours can be arranged from Nagpur regarding booking please contact us.

MTDC Sakoli Resort Amenities

10 Cottages Embraced by Nature and Luxury./Banquet For Every Occasion. A Sprawling Party Lawn to give the guests a lasting experience./Recreation Room (Pool Table, Table Tennis, Carom) unwind yourself with our in-house activities./Multicuisine Restaurant  & Room Service for a sumptuous spread for every taste. Enjoy your stay in Affluence in 2 Luxury Dormitories.

MTDC Sakoli Outdoor amenities

Children’s Play Area (Sand Pit), Mini Football/Badminton Court, Swimming Pool, Trek To The Temple, Fishing Trip/Machan (Watch  Tower) Take in the breathtaking view from heaven above. Relish the all-time favorite Barbeque amidst the wild./An altogether different experience with Open Air Movie Screening.

 Pool Area

Treat yourself to a fantastic, clean, and well-maintained swimming pool./Beautiful view of nature from the pool. Best for poolside parties./Next to Luxurious Dormitories for get-togethers. Open 24*7 and 365 days for nonstop fun. Also available for special birthday,  anniversary, etc. party bookings.

What to do in Sakoli Dist Gondia

Near Sakoli inGondia district following tourist attractions are available they are summarised below

1) Navegaon National Park- It has an area of 133.78 km and it has 209 species of birds,9 species of reptiles, and 26 species of reptiles which includes tiger, panther, wolf,jacles, etc. 2) Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary- It is 22km from sakoli and located between Bhandara and Gondia districts. 3) Kachargadh Caves- These caves are 55 km from Gondia and are 25000-year-old natural caves. 4)  Hazara Fall- It is just 1km away from Darekasa Railway Station. It is a good camping site near the waterfall.


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