MTDC has two houseboats at Tarkarli, anchored in the creek, about 3 km from the Resort. Excellent for a one-day (overnight) stay. As expected, you need to make your own arrangements to get there (no transfers by MTDC). The houseboats were only  4 months old. The houseboat takes you for a 2-hour round of the creek in the evening, and another in the morning. Overnight,  you’re anchored at the Deobag Jetty, a nice place with lots of green around.

Honeymoon Destination

House Boat stay is excellent option for Honeymoon Couples. Backwaters are the accumulation of Sea Water at the sea beach

 during the to-fro motion of sea-waves in the form of lagoons, estuaries etc. Today, Back waters at Tarkarli  has become the most  exciting tourist spot in India. Life on the backwaters is entirely different; water being the key to everything. On the banks one can  see lush green rice fields spreading away into the distance and coconut groves with the occasional temple or Masjid. The  land of the green and the serene Kokan. Coastal Belt of Maharashtra offers an amazing array of the backwaters. The splendid  sunsets, the waxing moonlights, the shoals of ducks, the palms and the wonderful waves make the backwater destinations the most  sought in Maharashtra


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