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(Near Railway Station)

Address -: Aurangabad MTDC, Railway Station Road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra 415510


 Airport: 9 km., Railway Station: 0.5 km., Bus Station:5 km

About Aurangabad

Globally known as a favorite destination because of its proximity to the Ajanta and Ellora caves, Aurangabad serves as a major tourist hub that offers a wide array of network services to visit some of the most important attractions around it. Also, as a city, Aurangabad fascinates with its culture and lifestyle, offering discerning tourists a wide gamut of hospitality. Recently declared the ‘Tourism Capital of Maharashtra’, Aurangabad is an important hub in the state’s tourism sector with its close connection to such significant tourist destinations as the caves of Ajanta and Ellora which have been declared ‘World Heritage Sites’ by UNESCO as well as the famous Mughal monument Bibi ka Makbara.


Comfort and care of guests are the main objectives of MTDC and the rooms rightly reflect this attitude. The rooms and suites have conveniences like central air conditioning, running hot and cold water, multi-channel television. Intercom Telecom facility is available. Multicuisine Restaurant serving Veg & Nonfood. Daily Sightseeing Tours are arranged for Ajanta & Ellora From MTDC


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Address-Infront of Aurangabad Railway Station-Aurangabad-415510

                                Room Type                    Season Period          Off Season Period            Peak Season Period

                         Deluxe A.C. Rooms                  1600 / 400                    1400 / 300                        1150 /300

                       Deluxe Non .C Rooms                999 / 300                      800 / 200                          1150 / 300

                       Group Accommodation                2000 / 300                   1700 / 200                        2200 / 300

                           Family Room A.C                    1800/500                      1500 / 300                        2100 / 500

                        Family Room Non A/C                1200/300                      950/200                          1400/300

                           DLX Suite Non A/C                  1200/300                      950/200                           1400/300

                               DLX Suite A/C                      2200 / 500                   1800 / 400                        2550 / 500

                                Luxury Suite                       3500 / 1000                   3500 / 1000                    3500 / 1000

                               Premier Suite                       2800 / 700                    2800 / 700                        2800 / 700



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