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Duration-: 05 Nights 06 Days 

Destinations- Ambejogai-Nanded-Solapur-Kolhapur

About 3.5 Shaktti Peeth Yatra

The four Shakti peethas of Maharashtra are well described in Devi Bhagavata Purana and are considered to be one of the most important pilgrimage sites for devotees of the Hindu goddess Shakti. These sites are located in four major cities of the state: Kolhapur, Mahurgadh, Jejuri, and Aundh. Each site is an embodiment of the divine power of Shakti and her ability to transform human lives. At these Shakti peethas, devotees can find solace, peace, and a connection to the divine. It is our mission to ensure that the spiritual and cultural significance of each Shakti peetha is fully realized and experienced by all.

At Gagangiri Tours & Travels, we are passionate about providing unique and unforgettable experiences for our customers. Our Maharashtra 3.5 Shakti Peeth Yatra is a journey that takes you on a spiritual quest to some of the most sacred temples in the state. From Ambejogai to Kolhapur, this six-day tour will take you through a spiritual awakening that will stay with you long after you’ve returned home. Join us on this pilgrimage of a lifetime and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Historical Background of Shakti peethas

According to Hindu traditional saying, Lord Brahma had stated a Yagna to please Shakti and Shiva to help in the creation of the Universe. Due to this goddess, Shakti separated from Shiva and decided to help Brahma. As per the plan after the creation of the Universe Shakti has to return back to Shiva. However, in the meantime Brahmas, Son Daksha started several yagnya to obtain Shakti as a Daughter in the form of Sati with the sole motive to marry her to Lord Vishnu. Actually, this Yajna started by Daksha was to take revenge on Lord Shiva. Daksha invited all deities for yaJna except Shiva and Shakti. However, Shakti took the decision to attain Yagna though not invited. Sati went to her father's yajna. However, at the Yajna Sati was badly treated and in anger, Sati killed her father and self-immolated. When this fact come to know to Shiva he took Virbhadra's avatar and destroyed Dakshhas Yajna and Cut off his head. Shiva then picked the remains of Satis's Body and perform the Dandav, the celestial dance of Destruction. Frightened by destruction other Gods requested Vishnu to intervene to top this Tandav of Shiva. As a response Vishnu used his Sudarshan Chakra on Satis's Corpse, this resulted in spreading the peace of Satis's body parts at several places in the world. Each of the places on Earth where Sati's body parts were known to have fallen was then considered Sakti Peethas and were deemed places of great spiritual import

Shakti Peeth Temples

Shakti Peethas are where different parts of Goddess Shakti have fallen when Lord Vishnu's Chakra, Sudarshana Chakra, cut through the corpse of Sati. There is a total of 50+ such locations. 18 of these are universally accepted as Shaki Peethas and are collectively known as Maha Shakti Peethas. Four of the Shakti Peetha temples are situated in Maharashtra. The four Shakti peethas of Maharashtra are well described in Devi Bhagavata Purana. Himavanta (Lord of Himalayan mountains), worshiped Jaganmata for a long time to get her as his daughter. Pleased by his devotion, she appeared before him and gave the boon. Himavanta was very happy. But, he was clever. He asked her for another boon to give Bhakti and Jnana so that he can take care of her properly. Jagannatha told him that one who wishes Bhakti-Jnanas from her is a real devotee and she will be more interested to bless them than any other. She told Devi Geeta to Himavanta.

Significance of four Shakti peethas:

 What do four Shakti peethas resemble? We can't tell why Jaganmata categorized these four shaktipeethas into a group. But many devotees gave explanations for this number four. The number four resembles the four parts of holy AUM. A kara, U kara, Ma kara and Mmm kara (Ardha matra). That is why they are also called "Three and half Shakti peethas". 

Four Shakti peethas are present in Maharashtra. They are:

Hingula (Tulja devi) in Tulaja puram (Tuljapur)  Lakshmi (Amba bai / Maha laksmi) in Kolhapuram (Kolhapur)

Renuka in Matru pattanam (Mahur)  Jwalamukhi (Sapta shringi mata) in Saptashringam (Saptashringi)

  Daywise Itinerary

Duration-: 05 Nights 06 Days

 Day 1:  Vani-Aurangabad

Depart from Mumbai, proceed to visit Vani near Nasik for darshan of Saptashrungi proceed to Aurangabad - Night halt in Aurangabad

Day 2: Ambajogai-Nanded

Morning Proceed to Ambajogi Devi Temple also the option of visiting Parli Vaijnath (one of the Panch Jyotirlinga Temple) Night halt in Nanded

Day 3:  Nanded-Mahurgad-Nanded

Morning proceed to visit Mahugad Devi temple one of the Shaktipeeth return by evening to Nanded - Night halt in Nanded,

Day 4: Nanded-Tuljapur-Solapur

Morning post breakfast proceeds to Tuljapur Bhavani Temple one of the Shaktipeeth temples move to Solapur - Night halt in Solapur.

Day 5: Solapur-Kolhapur

Morning optional visit Pandharpur proceed to Kolhapur - Evening darshan in Kolhapur Mahalakshmi temple, one of the Shaktipeeth - Night halt in Kolhapur.

Day 6: Kolhapur-Mumbai

Morning optional visit to Mahalakshmi temple proceed to Mumbai - Drop at Mumbai by late evening for onward journey. with Memorable experience of Gagangiri Tours and Travels (MTDC Approved Agency)

 Tour & services Ends.


(Approximate Cost Per Person)

Tour Package -05 Nights 06 Days Maharashtra Shaktipeeth Yatra

        Starting From Pune                             Starting From Mumbai                        Starting From Nashik

Budget Tour Package-Rs 18890           Budget Tour Package-Rs18615         Budget Tour Package-Rs.19875

Standard Tour Package-Rs25708         Standard Tour Package-Rs 26615     Standard Tour Package-Rs27875

Deluxe Tour Package-Rs 32708           Deluxe Tour Package-Rs33615          Deluxe Tour Package-Rs33875

       Starting From Thane                            Starting From Kolhapur                       Starting From Aurangabad

Budget Tour Package-Rs 18615           Budget Tour Package-Rs.16054         Budget Tour Package-Rs 20727.

Standard Tour Package-Rs26615        Standard Tour Package-Rs 22054       Standard Tour Package-Rs.28727

Deluxe Tour Package-Rs.32615          Deluxe Tour Package-Rs.28054          Deluxe Tour Package-Rs.34727

Package Cost Includes

Hotels stay as per the type of package selected./ Daily breakfast in the hotel.

All pickup, drop, and sightseeing as per the Itinerary / AC vehicle for the entire Tour

All Toll Taxes, Parking, and State Taxes / Drivers daily allowance

Package Cost Not Includes

Any other Food except breakfast in the hotel./ Anything which is not specifically mentioned is included in the package.

All personal expenses, expenses on tours that are not included in Itinerary./ Entrance fees at all tourist places, monuments, and museums mentioned in the Itinerary / Medical and Travel Insurance

Payment Policy

30 days or more before the date of departure: 25% of the total cost / 29 - 20 days before date of departure: 50% of the total cost.19 days or less before the date of departure: 100% of the total cost

Cancellation Policy

If you Cancel your Holiday

30 days or more before the date of departure: 25% of the total cost / 29 - 20 days before the date of departure: 50% of the total cost /19 days or less before the date of departure: 100% of the total cost

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