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"Welcome to Gagangiri Tours and Travels, Hotel and Car Booking Services, where we take pride in providing exceptional travel services to our valued clients. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring that your stay in Pandharpur is nothing short of extraordinary. From finding the perfect accommodation to arranging transportation from all important Cities of Maharashtra, we are dedicated to making your trip to Pandharpur unforgettable




Pandharpur, a revered destination for devotees of Shri.Vitthal and Shri.Rukmini, is also known as the Southern Kashi of India and the Kuldaivat of Maharashtra State. The city, situated at a distance of 72 kms from Solapur District headquarters, boasts an ancient temple of Shri.Vitthal that was renovated in 1195 A.D. Additionally, the city is home to numerous temples of Indian deities and Mathas (Dharmshalas) of many Saints. Pandharpur attracts a significant number of devotees from all over Maharashtra and surrounding states, who gather to celebrate the Aashadhi and Kartiki Ekadashis every year, in addition to the regular influx of devotees...


Dhanashree Hospitality

Address- In Front of Market Yard , Pune, India, Maharashtra

Vitthal Inn

Address: Old Central Bus Stand, Mahavir Nagar, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Yashvant Bhakta Nivas

Address- Shree Vitthl Krupa Bhakt Niwas, Old Solapur Road, Bhosale Nagar, Pandharpur - 413304 (Near Baba Maharaj Satarkar Math,Govindpura)

Hotel Marigold Regency

Address- Pune Road, Sahyadri Nagar, Isbavi, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 2250/-

Royal Clarks Inn, Pandharpur

Address- Santosh Krushnai Building, Solapur - Pune Hwy, near Mondhe Bullet Showroom, Isbavi, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 3005/-

Hotel SP Majestic

Address-  K.B, P College Road, near DVP Square, Gokul Nagar, Isbavi, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 2667/-

ISKCON Chandrabhaga guest house

Address- Shree Shree Radha Pandharinath East bank of Chandrabhaga River, Pandharpur Dist- Solapur

Rs 1536/-

Shree Radha Govind Bhakt Niwas

Address- Address: 2234, Bank Mahila Branch, near Pandharpur, Chouphala, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Phone: 074983 50445

Hotel Dhanashree

Address- Front of Market Yard, near Chandrbhaga Ground, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413211

Rs 2031/-

Hotel Vitthal Inn Pandharpur

Address- Old Central, Bus Stand Rd, Mahavir Nagar, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 1078/-

Pandharinath Lodge and Restaurant

Addres- 3030 C, Shivaji Chowk, near Gajanan Maharaj Math, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 1791/-

Hotel Prabhu Residency

Address- 4075 A/6 savkar chowk station road,Pandharpur Dist - Solapur 413304

Rs 2209/-

Hotel Laxmi Palace

Address- hotel laxami palace infront of kbp college pandharpur, Pandharpur, India, Maharashtra

Disha Inn Lodge

Address- Infront Of KBP, June Pat, collegePandharpur, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304


Address- MAHADWAR, CHOWK, Pradakshina Rd, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

SAMI Family Club and Resort

Address- Mangalwedha, Maharashtra 413305

Trimurti deluxe lodging

Address- Station Rd, near Annapurna coldrings, Korti, Bhosale Nagar, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 2563/-


Address- opp. Railway Station, near Shriyash Hospital, Pundlik Nagar, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 1200/-


Address- 3959,Damodar market, Station Rd, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 1010/-

Shree Radha Govind Bhakt Niwas

Address- 2234, Bank Mahila Branch, near Pandharpur, Chouphala, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Sharada Hotel & Lawns

Address- Ekhatpur - Akluj Rd, Ekhatapur, Maharashtra 413307


Address- Station Rd, Korti, Chouphala, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Shree Radhesh Bhakta Niwas

Address- 715/A JUNA SOLAPUR ROAD GOVINDPURA, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 1016/-

Hotel Sangam

Address- Hotel Sangam International, Sangola - Pandharpur Rd, Khardi, Maharashtra 413317, India

Sāngola, Maharashtra, 413317

Shree Shakti Prasad Lodge Pandharpur - Near Vitthal Mandir(Temple)

Address- Shop no 01, 2102, Kawathekar Galli, Chouphala, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 1470/-

Vithai villa

Address: GAT No. 52, Pandharpur-Mundhewadi Rd, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 413304

Rs 10070 for 10 pax

Shri Vitthal Rukmini Bhakta Niwas

Address: Bhakti Marg , Pandharpur, India, Maharashtra

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