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Address: Tarkarli Beach Dist. Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India


Tarkarli Is a village near Malvan which is popular among tourists due to its clean and pollution-free beach.Place is less crowded due to being far away from big cities like Mumbai and Pune. The main attraction of Tarkarli is the Sindudurg fort, Water sports activities and House Boat stay experience. Malvan is a big city near Tarkaeli which is just 6 km.Also Amboli Hill Station is 80 kmfrom Tarkarli.Special Kokani food is a specialty of this area. Best time to visit Tarkali is October to March.  


MTDC Tarkarli Rooms and Facilities

The location advantage of This resort is that it is exactly on the Tarkarli beach. All the cottages have direct aces to the beach.MTDC Tarkarli have 20 Kokani huts on the beach.MTDC Tarkarli offers well-furnished cottage rooms with all modern amenities. There is free parking and an attached restaurant. all rooms are air-conditioned

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli has been bestowed with a long coastline which is ideal for those long romantic and nostalgia-filled walks.

The feeling of soft sand under your nimble toes and the presence of clear water and sky along with the cleanest breathing air provides a heady feeling. Not to forget that the beach is also a trusted zone for female turtles. It is not uncommon to find a turtle lazing on the beach or hatching and protecting its eggs. The beach has silk smooth sand along the stretch. Again the water is so pure that the seabed is visible even if you venture out at the sea.

Reasons to Visit Tarkarli

MTDC Beach Resort overlooking Tarkarli Beach, Resort cottages have direct access to the beach 20 Konkani Huts right on the beach and 2 houseboats, Huts, and houseboats have attached bathrooms. Houseboats offer day cruises in backwaters around Tarkarli, Beach is clean and here a range of water sports are offered. Stay in the houseboat includes welcome drinks, snacks with evening tea, and vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals Restaurant at the resort serves simple meals. Recommended for guests looking for cottage accommodation right on Tarkarli Beach.

What to do in Tarkarli

Tourist activities in Tarkarli include 1) Swimming in the seawater of Tarkali  2)  Boat ride in Karli backwater 3) Visit Fishermen's village Devbag to get an idea about fishermen's life 4) Dhamapur Lake 5) Sindhudurg Fort 6) Shri Shivchatrapati Temple.7) Visit Achra Beach 8) Tsunami Island 9) Kolamb beach 10) Malvan Beach 11) Wakiry Ubhatwwadi Beach 12) Padamgad Fort 13) Rock Garden sunset point 14) Wayari Bhutnath Beach 15) Padamgad Fort 

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