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Melghat, located in the Amaravati district of Maharashtra, is a tiger reserve wildlife sanctuary. Melghat Tiger Reserve is located on the southern offshoot of the Satpura Hill Range in Central India, called Gavilgarh Hill. It is 225 km west of Nagpur. It was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1967 and was declared a tiger reserve in 1974. It was among the first nine tiger reserves notified in 1973-74 under Project Tiger, a wildlife conservation project initiated in India in 1972 to protect Bengal tigers. Apart from Tigers the other prominent animals are Sloth Bear, Indian Gaur, Sambar deer, Leopard, Nilgais, etc. The endangered and 'back from extinction' Forest Owlet is also found in various areas of Melghat. Tourism in Melghat is distributed along 4 centers/villages. Semadoh, Chikhaldara, Harisal & Shahnur. There are some additional



Stay facilities

at Kolkata which is 14 km ahead of Semadoh. Accommodation facilities in Melghat are mostly run by the forest department except for the hotels and resorts at Chikhaldara which are operated privately. Facilities are comfortable and basic in nature suiting the forest atmosphere where it is located.

How to reach Melghat

The nearest railway station to reach Chikhaldara, Semadoh, Kolkas, and Harisal is Amravati. Shahnur is closest to Akola. The nearest airport is Nagpur some 250 km away. Tourists can explore Melghat in all seasons but the monsoons starting mid-July till the end of September offers the best views. The winters are cold with night temperatures dropping below 5 degrees. The summers are good for animal sightings. Semadoh Tourist Complex is located in Melghat 160 km on the Mumbai - Bhimashankar (Jyotirlinga Temple) route via Murbad, this area is known in winter for its Flamingo arrivals. Semadoh Tourist Complex is in the heart of the forest surrounded by dense forest and hills. It has 10 rooms with a double bed. Also, there is a bathroom facility with hot and cold water.

What to do in Melghat

Melghat Tiger reserve offers tourist activities like-Day Jungle Safari, Night Jungle Safari, Full day safari, Night Machan stay, Kayaking, Elephant ride, Trekking, Adventure activities like Zorb ball, Burma bridge .river crossing, parallel bridge, etc. Tribal dance shows on tourist demand can be arranged, Home stay facility on request is also available.



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