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Tourism has won a wide recognition as an important industry in the district in view of its potential for creation of employment opportunities and generation of income on a large scale. This industry has a direct bearing on the socio-economic scene of the district. Tourism industry provides employment to a large number of people engaged in the related sectors like transport, Hotels and catering service, cottage industry etc. Tourism promotes economic activities in the remote areas.

Since its opening for the tourist (1974), Leh has registered an increasing number of tourists attracted towards it, because of its landscape, culture, tradition environment etc. and still has much potential for adventure tourism.

Leh figures on the international tourist map and attracts a large inflow of tourists both from home and abroad. The economy of the region is therefore, based on tourism. That is why Leh is abounds in Hotels, guest houses and taxis. There are 250 hotels, guest house of different classes in Leh.

Hemis, Alchi, Lamayuru, Shey and Thiksay are some of the most popular monasteries of Ladakh which attract both domestic as well as foreign tourist.Pangong lake(Half in China) and world highest motorable road Khardongla (18350 fts) is main attraction for domestic tourist, and monasteries and mountains are for foreign tourist.


              TOUR-01                               TOUR-02                                TOUR-03                                          TOUR-04

      Leh Khardungla Pass               Leh Nubra Valley   Leh Pangong Lake Khardungla Pass             Leh Nubra Valley

       03 Nights 04 Days                04 Nights 05 Days                    04 Nights 05 Days                         04 Nights 05 Days

               Details                                    Details                                    Details                                              Details

              TOUR-05                               TOUR-06                                TOUR-07                                          TOUR-08

   Khardungla Pass Pangong    Kargil Padum Rangdum Dha   Kargil Lamayuru Leh Nubra            Sham Valley Nubra Valley

    Lake Sham Valley Leh              Tsomoriri Lake Leh               Valley Pangong Lake                         Pangong Lake Leh

       04 Nights 05 Days                07 Nights 08 Days                   07 Nights 08 Days                              07 Nights 08 Days     

               Details                                    Details                                    Details                                               Details

              TOUR-09                               TOUR-10                                TOUR-11                                           TOUR-12

 Sham Valley Nubra Valley     Nubra Valley Pangong Lake    Tyakshi Pangong Lake Henle       Tsomoriri Lake Pangong Lake

         Pangong Lake Leh           Sham Valley Kargil Leh     Tsomoriri Lake Lamayuru Nubra Valley    Nubra Valley Lamayuru

                                                                                                  Kargil Sham Valley Leh                              Sham Valley Leh

        07 Nights 08 Days                08 Nights 09 Days                 10 Nights 11 Days                            08 Nights 09 Days

               Details                                   Details                                      Details                                               Details           

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